One of the first questions both employers and job seekers ask me when they find out that I am a recruiter is “what does the employment market look like and do I need to use a recruiter”? The economy has improved enough that I am very confident when I answer in the affirmative.
Despite many recent layoffs happening throughout the high-tech community within Boulder County I remain bullish on the economy with respect to hiring. One of the barometers I use is to monitor the human resource job openings posted on and the human resource professional society website. I would estimate that 75% of the HR positions listed on these sites are from companies looking to hire recruiters to join their human resource departments. This suggests that many employers are behind in their efforts to fill vacant positions. I actually have three recruiters out on contracts with local companies with several inquiries by other companies regarding the availability of contract recruiters.
Executive search firms including Longmont’s HRMC, Inc. continue to aggressively add staff to keep pace with a market that has proven to be remarkably resilient amid mixed national market data. According to a survey of 159 executive recruiters taken by an on-line firm Execunet, 77% are confident or very confident the executive employment market will improve during the next six months – nearly unchanged from 78% one month ago.
What executive talent is in demand in this robust employment market? Execunet’s survey suggests a demand for senior managers and executives with significant operations management, business development, and finance experience among their credentials. This finding is confirmed in the fact that three of the last four of my professional level placements into local companies include a VP of Sales, a Senior Accountant, and a Director of Public Relations; and currently have three sales management positions under search.
Search firms, often lovingly referred to as “headhunters”, are hired by employers to source, identify and refer candidates with specific skills and experience to match the employers requirements. Job seekers should never pay a recruiter to assist them in their search efforts. Job seekers at all management and technical levels should contact a recruiter as one part of their search efforts. Most recruiters will not market candidates to client companies unless they have been secured to conduct a specific search for which the candidate qualifies. Worth noting however is that available candidate resumes are the bread and butter for every recruiter, without them recruiters are much less effective. Recruiters seek candidates for full-time regular positions and do not serve as temporary agencies. Candidates should interview recruiters before providing their resumes to insure that the recruiter is honest and will work with your best interest in mind. Never sign a recruiter’s sole source document, the more recruiters you contact the better chance one will have a position under search for which you qualify.
As the employment market continues to tighten and talent becomes less and less available, companies will more frequently enlist the services of a recruiting firm to help identify qualified candidates so dust off that resume and shine your shoes, better employment times are here once again.