You never know who or when you might be influencing a decision by how you act or when that action may shape an outcome that is important to your future or the future of your business. This statement may seem all too bland but the difference between understanding and practice is often all to different. What we know to be true or perhaps have heard from others to be true may be only remotely similar to how we act.

When in a job search this concept must remain in the forefront of every word and action of the job seeker. You never know who may be involved in a hiring decision. A while ago I was assisting a local medical device company hire several engineers. I was interviewing several candidates at their location one day when the company receptionist came over to me and said with fire in her eyes, “If you hire that person waiting to meet with you I will quit!” Upon further questioning of this intense reaction to the candidate in the lobby she stated that the candidate had treated her rudely and disrespectfully and that no one in her company would treat others that way. She was 100 percent accurate in her assessment so I dismissed the candidate even before they were interviewed. What you say to others and how you treat them may be the difference between being hired and being fired.

Likewise while in a job search it is imperative that you network with others to learn of available positions and information pertinent to your search. People want to help others who show respect, are courteous and are grateful for any assistance given. The way that you approach the subject of networking and the way that you treat those from whom you are seeking help may be the difference between receiving little or no help and earning an important ally in your search.

Business leaders know that good client / customer relations is the key to business success. The staff that works directly with customers either in person or on the phone can make or break a business. How they handle customer complaints or customer issues can make the difference between giving the business another try or looking for a new provider and since it is cheaper to keep a customer than to win a new one, it makes good business sense to strive toward customer service excellence. An employee who demonstrates empathy and a genuine concern for the needs of the customer and easily diffuse a potentially nasty situation. An employee who is pleasant to work with will have more success guiding customers to buying what they came for and more!

You may never know the long-term effects of what you say and how you treat others but their immediate response can serve as an indicator. Live the Boy Scout motto and always be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and, Reverent…you’ll be amazed at the results.